History of the Exchange

The FOREX & Commodities Options Exchange (FCOEX) has been striving to deliver quality Futures and Options exchange news online.

The FCOEX has stood as a symbol of strength and stability in an ever-changing environment though out the years. The business has changed, but the principles upon which The FCOEX was founded and the commitment to provide superior service to its clients has not wavered.

Find out more about FCOEX and the unique culture that contributes to our—and our clients'—success:

Our website now offers quite a lot of main services.

We know that picking a financial partner is about more than finances. It's about finding someone you can trust who values relationships.

At FCOEX, we understand that finances may not be or should not be – what you spend all your time on. We focus exclusively on managing and administrating clients' assets. It's what we do best and nothing else gets in the way.

The FCOEX manage several billion dollars worth of local and international investments across the real estate, healthcare, energy and financial sectors.

With FCOEX, you can rest easier knowing we utilize our substantial experience providing financial services tailor made to each clients needs.

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