About Us

The FCOEX is the preeminent trading forum for energy, precious metals and forex.

The Exchange is world renowned for its development of energy futures and options contracts as means of bringing price transparency and risk management to this vital market. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the Exchange, our markets, and other information of public interest.

What We Trade

The wide array of trading provided by the Exchange span the Energy, Currency and Precious metals markets.

How To Get Started

Investors looking for a fast-paced dynamic market with excellent liquidity that can act as a counterweight to the stocks and bonds in their portfolio will want to learn more about the FCOEX energy, metals and currency futures and options markets.

Futures prices are not price predictions, but are the collective current opinion of the marketplace of where prices appear to be heading. That opinion, and the direction of prices, can change in an instant, which makes trading these markets so challenging and potentially rewarding.

A Market Open to All

The Exchange is a public market forum and anyone can play a role in these vital global markets. Participation is not difficult, but a few requirements must be met. The first step is to open an account through a broker.

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