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The futures and options markets of the Exchange trade via a dynamic electronic platform FOXTP.

The system lets market participants take advantage of the financial security of the Exchange clearing house along with round-the-clock access to energy futures contracts (including natural gas location differentials, electricity, crude oil and refined product spread and outright transactions, and coal) as well as Precious Metals and Currency Options.

Market participants can either trade through the FOXTP trading system or can conduct their own transactions off of the exchange, submitting the transactions to the Exchange clearinghouse through the FOXTP clearing platform. FOXTP is an open system allowing trading firms to customize their front-end to meet their particular requirements.

All market participants desiring to execute transactions on FOXTP must establish an account with an Exchange clearing member firm. Once an account has been established with a clearing member, an on-line registration form must be completed and submitted to the Exchange for approval.

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